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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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news 4 today starts now. it's on to the next city for pope francis. he will be wheeled up in a couple çhours, leaving new yor to philadelphia where crowds will greet him in the city of brotherly love. >> and preserving america's front yard. the first of its kind event happening today to restore and improve the national mall. good morning, everybody, i'm angie goff. >> i'm david culver. welcome to news 4 on this saturday morning. 6:00, starting out pretty pleasant temperatures out there. >> let's go to storm team 4
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meteorologist tom kierein. >> football games, have the tour decure bike ride, nationals are playing baseball, a music festival this afternoon. it looks like it will stay mostly dry. however, just to our south we have rain. it's showing up on the storm team 4 radar. through the shenandoah valley, along the atlantic coast just off of the virginia beach area down to outer banks. getting heavy surf and heavier downpours there. the closest rain to us is right down 95, southern prince william, west of lou ray. sprinkle activity in st. mary's county and the northern neck as well. a look at our weekend in detail. that's all coming up as well as a look at next week in just a few minutes. all right. thank you, tom. pope francis getting ready to leave new york city and head to philadelphia this morning. >> that's right. all eyes are on that city where some of the biggest crowds of
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the u.s. visit for the pope are expected this weekend. pope francis will leave jfk airport around 8:40 this morning and is expected to land in the city of brotherly love by 9:30. then at 10:30 later, he'll celebrate mass at the cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul. >> he will visit independence hall. he's expected to speak about immigration and religious freedom. at 7:30 tonight,ç his first da in philly ends with a visit to the festival of families at benjamin franklin parkway as well as a prayer vigil. >> pope francis used his trip to new york to touch the lives of tens of thousands. it started with an appeal to the united nations to protect the plan planet. at ground zero, he called on the world to get rid of its
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differences. he capped the night off with mass at madison square garden. >> i ask you, don't forget to pray for me. >> well, in his homily, pope francis talked about the meaning of living in a big city and how it serves as a reminder of the diversity throughout the u.s. >> hundreds of young people from our area are in philadelphia this weekend for a special spiritual journey, a pilgrimage of sorts. they'll be at the pope's final mass of his u.s. visit at the world meeting of families. i spoke with some teens about the pope's impact on their faith. >> for this group of prince william county teens. >> a once in a lifetime chance. >> reporter: it's a dream journey. >> it's not every day you get to see the pope and pope francis is like really cool. he is down to earth. >> reporter: lunch time at this high school, we met with six members of the all saints
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catholic church youth ministry, all with a strong spiritual appetite. >> i've had three popes in my lifetime. he's the most accessible. my age, i relate to him. >> reporter: there are among the hundreds of thousands nationwide with tickets to the pope's final mass in philadelphia this sunday. but just what is it about this pope they connect with? >> i mean, he's the pope. obviously the pope is a huge figure but he doesn't really act like all high and mighty. >> he doesn't portray himself as above everyone else he's on their level and calls out to all walks of life to follow in god's ways. >> reporter: it's a humility, these high schoolers0have put into action, volunteering for summer work camps, helping to rebuild the lives of the poor, growing closer to one another and their faith. >> yes, it really affects more deeply on my life and how i should be living as a person. >> reporter: you can see it in his tone and the way he relates to people. that he just exudes love.
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the love the christ that he's reflecting back. that's attractive. >> reporter: this youth director will be traveling with these teens. he acknowledges pope francis may just help keep young people part of a church, one of the biggest challenges it faces today. >> he believes in the youth. he believes they're not only the future of the church but they are the church. does it make you prouder to be catholic? >> yes, i like this guy. >> our very own eun yang is in philadelphia. we'll check in with her live in our 8:00 hour of news 4 today. did the driver and victim in a deadly hit and run know each other in william clarkson was killed friday afternoon. clarkson was 21 years old. neighbors say they witnessed a heated argument, moments before the crash. >> i saw two men there and one of the men was arguing, cursing at the other man. very loud.
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>> the victim's dog survived that crash. investigators say the 20-year-old driver left the scene and called his mother. then she called police. clarkson's family calls this a senseless act of rage. >> he's accused of attacking a man and a woman with a hammer. this morning, police holding the 18-year-old suspect from manassas without bail. city police say eduardo blandon jr. hit the two with a hammer just after 2:30 yesterday afternoon, then ran away on king carter street. police found and arrested him about an hour later. the two victims were seriously hurt. blandon is due in court november 6th. now to a developing story out of seattle as the investigation into the duck boat crash continues.ç questions are coming up now about the safety of the tour vehicles themselves. critics claim they are too dangerous for city streets. four international students died thursday after witnesses say the duck boat collided into an
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oncoming bus on a crowded bridge. nearly two dozen students were injured in this accident. kevin mccarthy being seen as a possible front-runner to replace speaker john boehner. mccarthy is said to replace boehner, at least that's what some folks are speculating. boehner is resigning and plans to leave congress at the end of next month. he was facing mounting pressure from within the gop to sfrtrip planned parenthood of government funding. mccarthy became house majority leader last year. he spent three years before that as majority whip. happening today, the two-day landmark music festival is kicking off at west potomac park. drake will be performing tonight. the festival supports the national mall. he got attacked trying to be the good samaritan and break up a fight.
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this morning, the victim talking only to news 4 as police search for suspects. plus, a salmonella scare at a popular restaurant goes national. d.c.'s figure & olive is not t only one under
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you're watching news 4 today. i seen a whole bunch of kids kicking on him. all i could remember is telling one of them, stop. >> that's countee hoursey right there. he said he was trying to do the right thing when he was attacked by a group of teams on pennsylvania avenue in southeast washington. a nearby gas station caught the beating on camera. as soon as he turned the corner to help the teen, the group started punching and kicking him in the head. d.c. police say they're now looking into this incident. new cases of salmonella on west coast are sparking a multistate investigation into fig & olive. the l.a. county health department is looking at more than 20 cases at the stran in the west hollywood. here in d.c., as many as 150
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people got sick after eating at the city center location. it's still not clear if there have been any cases at the fig & olive in chicago or new york. >> i've never seen an outbreak before you have one restaurant chain having illnesses a continent apart. >> fig & olive put out a statement last night saying it's confident the restaurant has addressed the situation. a woman lost her home and her husband on the very same day. the one thing, though, she says she's thankful for. let's take you outside for a live look, 64 degrees in northwest washington. got tom kierein. tomnnounced the rain-free hours of the day. you can make plans to run errands. >> the village at leesburg is having its cruise in the village car show at noon today. the leesburg air show is also
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happening from 11:00 to 4:00.
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you're watching news 4 today. a wife and a mother in prince george's county now dealing with the loss of her husband. >> that struggle now even tougher. a week ago today, a fire gutted her home during her husband's funeral. only on news 4. darcy spencer went back to that house as the family tries to salvage whatever they can. >> reporter: coral wilson walks into the burned out shell that, until last saturday, she called home. >> the fire started up this stair rail at the top. >> reporter: that's what she learned from fire investigators. she want here when it happened. she was at her husband's funeral on what would have been his 60th
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birthday. >> it could have been all of us just get trapped in here. >> reporter: the cell phone video shows how quickly the spring dale house was consumed by flames. investigators later determined it was electrical in nature. wilson saysç virtually nothing could be salvaged from the home that she shared with her husband of 38 years. all damaged by fire, smoke and water. >> it's like a total -- just come inside. it's like a hole. why me? why is all of this happening to me? seeing everything soaked. >> reporter: she goes through a few documents and photos, one from president obama's inauguration and some items still scattered in the yard, like this mother's day card signed your loving husband. >> wouldn't get any more of these anymore. >> reporter: one neighbor started a donation site to help the family through this loss. >> if you are interested in
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helping this family get back on their feet, go to our website, and search under wilson family fire. in springdale, darcy spencer, news 4. the very talked about state dinner for chinese president xi jinping was held last night at the white house. it was a who's who of attendees. apple ceo tim cook, misty copeland, musical guest neo. the internet buzzing about the first lady's vera wang gown right there. very nice. >> of course. >> president obama and president xi talked about how to work together. obama says action must follow. he prommed to go after cyber criminals. if you want to enjoy being outside today, you can get in free at any national park. today's national public lands day which is the biggest volunteer day at national parks. entry fees are being waved at all 408 national parks.
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find opportunities to volunteer at and there's another rare lunar eclipse set for tomorrow. it is called a blood moon. because it will have a red tint and look larger than usual that's where it gets its name. some believe it's a sign of potential calamity and a few religious figures have sparked fears in sales of emergency preparedç products. >> we had a few weeks ago, the blue moon. that was a little disappointing. it wasn't very blue. >> it's not supposed to be blue. >> well. it's a misnomer. >> we have nothing to worry about because we won't see it. >> oh. >> it will be cloudy. >> the clouds will be that bad? >> it's looking cloudy. >> all weekend? >> yes, right. it's supposed to happen sunday evening. it's looking cloudy sunday evening for the blood moon, supermoon. >> say it again. >> maybe the clouds will turn blood red. >> blood moon. blood moon. >> and starting off this morning, we have some green on your screen.
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that is rain, light rain now storm team 4 radar showing that it's holding in place, hardly moving at all, just kind of sitting there and shrinking in size, too, across central virginia. closest of that rain on the storm team 4 local radar and high resolution is in southern prince william county. light rain, sprinkles do 95, stafford into spotsylvania. some of the rain stretches farther week, fauquier, culpepper and around leray getting light rain. temperatures cool, upper 50s, near 60s. shenandoah valley, nearby suburbs, low to mid-60s. you're about to head out to do a morning run this morning. you'll be fine in the metro area. the roads stay dry. it's a bit of a breeze coming in out of the north and east, live view from our capital camera. looking at union station. all the pavement is dry there. just a cloudy sky and just a little bit of light rain, just
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to our south here through midmorning. temperatures will be in the mid-60s and cloudy elsewhere. there may be sprinkles south of the metro area again through noontime. otherwise we'll be dry with clouds and in the upper 60s and some sprinkles again maybe, south of the metro area, the rest of the afternoon by 4:00, we'll be peeking out at around maybe the low 70s, 72 right here in washington, 60s to near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. football forecast, a lot of games in college and high school games today. cloudy, just a few of these ç showers. again, south of the metro area with temperatures upper 60s and low 70s. you heading out tonight? dining out, well, there may be a few sprinkles late this evening. temperatures will be in the 60s through the evening but it's probably not until maybe after 11:00 or midnight tonight we'll have some of sprinkles coming through. the big landmark music festival on the national mall at west potomac park is today and tomorrow. for today, a slight chance of a sprinkle during perhaps the
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latter part of the afternoon and into the evening. sunday as well. cloudy, looks like pretty good weather for the landmark music festival. low 70s. again, a slight chance of sprinkles on sunday, mannly in the morning. otherwise cloudy the rest of the day. monday, a lot of clouds around, 30% chance of a passing shower, highs, mid-70s. sunshine returns on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. maybe a few showers around on thursday. otherwise dry much of next week. temperatures getting near or above the average of 75 each afternoon tuesday through friday. that's the way it looks. >> all right, thanks so much, tom. while the pope is headed to philadelphia today, folks still trying to do all they can to be blessed by the pope. >> drinking his water, we'll tell you what one lawmaker says he swiped from the pop
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welcome back. pope francis leaves no doubt
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that he is truly the people's pope. they have been touched by his handshakes, his smiles, blessings and presence. >> some waiting many hours to see him after traveling many miles. nbc's miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: they planned for months, they waited for hours, all for an experience that passes in only a moment. >> yeah. it's such a good feeling. he's a good man to put down his window and let us see him. >> reporter: love for the pope is universal. crossing cultures and continents. >> i feel so blessing. god bless america. >> reporter: for catholics he is divine, many consider him the closest man to god on earth. they've come by train, plane and even on foot. this group of pilgrims walking
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over 100 miles to hear the holy message. >> he has something that everybody needs to hear. i think i'm very excited to hear what that is. >> reporter: for this couple from california, there is no better way to celebrate their 50th anniversary than with the man who embodies faith and commitment. >> this pope is just amazing. he's just different. he's just different. he has a heart of gold. >> reporter: 12-year-old brent hoverage is a survivor. he's beating brain cancer and is determined to meet the pope. >> i hope i can see him in person or shake his hand. it would be cool to do that. >> reporter: cool is one way to put it. no matter the language, the sentiment!ys the same. miguel almaguer, nbc news, new york. >> this is a story getting a lot of attention. a congressman from philadelphia facing criticism after he
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couldn't resist temptation during the pope's visit to the u.s. capitol. after pope francis left the chambers on thursday, bob brady went up to the lectern and swiped the pope's bottle of water. t"the washington post" says he took the glass used by president obama at his first inauguration as well. as long as he, i guess, holds on to it, doesn't try to put it on ebay or anything like that. >> right? he says he believes it was blessed and that's why he drank it. other priests have come out and said unless the holy father blessed the actual water, it's not necessarily blessed. >> for sure. yes. notice how he's holding it carefully. he said he wanted to avoid putting his fingerprints on it. >> talk about a great position. front row to everything it sounds like. >> sly move, though, he said he did it while everybody was focused on the pontiff leaving.
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he walked up there. got his hands on it. kids and guns. parents in one northern virginia community say the two should not be near each other. who they're ready to stand off against to make their point this morning. metro telling you to get used to slower trains for the next six months. what one group is demanding metro do to ensure you get to work on time. there's one go-to hairstyle that could leave you bald, we thought we'd be ready.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. i was so excited. >> that's hard to hold in those emotions. pope francis's last stop in the united states will be today in philadelphia. he's leaving new york in just a couple of hours. angie, you were up there earlier
6:33 am
this week. >> yesterday morning. i will tell you, having been to new york many times, even for big events, i have never seen the security at the level that it was at. and it was amazing, around 8:00 in the morning i was taking a cab to breakfast which was a feat in itself. there were people already lined up, crowds of people in central park to just perhaps catch a glimpse of the pope when he was going to roll through there at 5:00. so this was such a huge moment for the city. and i think, you know, he's been here since tuesday but the enthusiasm -- >> it continues. >> is still going strong. >> people who have followed him from washington to new york and who will continue to follow him to philadelphia, true admirers. >> true dedication. there's still a lot more to come. we'll be checking in with eun yang for a live report coming up in our 8:00 hour. first off, we say a very good morning to you, good saturday morning, i'm angie goff. >> i'm david culver.
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welcome back to news 4 today. we start with a storm team 4 forecast. we head over to tom for that. ÷y"át beautiful weather has been following the pope for his visit here as well as new york. gray dove sky when you head out this morning. st. mary's county, extreme southern calvert and north of there to fredericksburg, south fauquier and culpepppeppeculpep. it's holding in place. temperatures right now are in the 50s to near 60, shenandoah valley, out in the mountains, it's cooler, just in the low to mid-50s there, around the metro area. near 60 in montgomery, low to mid-60s fairfax, prince george's and mid to upper 60s around the chesapeake bay. a loot at our chances for the
6:35 am
rain, getting into the metro area for the weekend. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks so much, tom. pfr -- pope francis will start his final two days in america. >> he's been welcomed by thousands for the last few days. jay gray is in philadelphia this morning. >> reporter: as philadelphia prepares, new york tells pope francis good-bye. as they have throughout his visit, thousands gathered for the pope's final mass in manhattan. his homily urging the faithful to urge the less fortunate. >> translator: go out again and again, go out with a fear, without hesitation. >> reporter: the people more than a million, are expected to fill the streets in philadelphia this weekend. >> can't underestimate security. >> reporter: federal agents, local and state police are not. the corps of philadelphia is
6:36 am
closed down for three square miles. everyone coming into the area must go through a metal detector. once inside, there's a constant security presence. >> our methodology and philosophy has been to prepare for the worst and in preparing for the worst we'll be ready for the best. >> reporter: the appropriateç travels to philadelphia to close out the world meeting of families and for one final mass with more than a million expected to attend. >> i can't even at some moments describe the personal and professional joy we're about to experience. >> reporter: an experience that begins here with the pope's arrival this morning. >> and that was jay gray reporting. now on to the final leg of pope francis's trip to the u.s., the city of brotherly love. folks in philadelphia beyond excited to welcome him. he's visiting to attend the world meeting of families and close to 1 million are expected to be in attendance at tomorrow's mass. one woman from costa rica is hoping for a special blessing for her son.
6:37 am
>> he better kiss him. >> you want him to kiss the baby. >> he's going to be a future pope from costa rica. >> news 4's eun yang is in philadelphia. we'll talk with her, coming up live at 8:00 a.m. we should remind you, posting stuff on social media throughout the morning. follow her there on twitter and facebook to keep up to date with her travels. now to other news happening today. parents are said to protest a new gun store next to a mcclain elementary school. nova firearms is moving from old street to new chambers record. arlington residents stopped the store from expanding into the cherry dale neighborhood. nova firearms is asking supporters to visit the new location to prove it belongs in that community. the owner is a marine corps veteran who says most of his clients are police officers. the parents will protest outside of the new store starting at 11:00 this morning.
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the lemada writer's union calling for more service after metro announced a slowdown for the next six months. there's only enough power for one train to power at a time. metro is adding more eight-car trains to orange and silver!éine train lines but says it will take six months to replace the transformers. the rider's union says that's not enough time to limit crowding. they're asking for more express bus service, more midday and evening service and eliminate the peak fares until it's all fixed. i'm melissa melay with your first 4 traffic. a couple of closures in the district because of various things happening here. first of all, saturday, tour de cure, this is saturday until 5:00 p.m. those closures start around 1:00 a.m. in the morning saturday and last until 5:00. 13th street northwest from
6:39 am
e-street to pennsylvania avenue will be shut down there. pennsylvania avenue from 14th to 12th and then saturday have this as well, the barracks row festival, 6:30 in the morning until 6:00 at night. almost 12 hours worth of closures here as well. 8th street southeast from e street to i street and g street between 7th street and 9th street have a fabulous weekend. street have a fabulous weekend. we
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today, the top rock festival is returning to jammin' java this morning. it will benefit the cora kelly elementary school. the majority of students who attend there cannot afford to buy their own lunch. the festival runs from 10:00 to 1:00 p.m. at the music club on maple avenue. rainbow rock band will be featured. and to hear some of their music, search cora kelly elementary on nbc 10 washington's website.
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throwing your hair up in tight buns could actually call baldness. >> this is called traction alopecia. that's hair loss caused by tugging at the roots for hours. >> the man bun is becoming more popular. guys, you're at risk, too. >> i should avoid the man bun. >> i know. look at clay matthews. there are some people that make the man bun really good. >> they can pull it off. i don't think i could. the first text to 911 service comes to the d.c. area. we are going to break it down, how it works. >> tom kierein walking into our studio. >> with his man bun. >> no man bun on but he does
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you're watching news 4 today. back at 6:46. in fairfax county, just one of a handful of places across the country where you can actually text to 911. during an emergency it may be that service that saves your
6:47 am
life. >> reporter: 911 calls a year pour into the emergency information center. now forget talking. you could just type. >> just opened up a new message, typing 911. >> reporter: we tested it out with supervisor john korman. >> click on the number. i see your message. >> reporter: acting out an abduction scenario, texting i'm in a trunk of a car, can't talk. my text message shows up within a few sections on his monitor. >> the response should be fairfax county 911, where is your emergency? >> i was last at the parkway and 123. >> reporter: he's able to input information tore dispatchers to see and get help on the way. >> the extreme example is one example. but for others it's an every day need. >> reporter: debby is with the
6:48 am
center for deaf and hard of hearing persons. >> until now, the deaf community has had to rely on a land line or video phone, something that is based in one location. >> reporter: now they can text from just about anywhere. director steve souder is looking at the next tech advances for other emergencies. >> that will allow looking downstream for the ability for people to send photographs, to send video, to send packet data. to send personal information. and all of these are just on the horizon. >> reporter: they say while they've got this new feature, they still prefer if you can give them a call over texting. >> i'm surprised they didn't start this earlier. >> they're happy to have finally gotten it out, though. we want to go in and check in with the "today" show, sheinelle jones and jeffç ross. >> good morning. coming up on a saturday morning here on "today," philadelphia preparing to greet pope francis with open arms today.
6:49 am
the city of brotherly love taking historic measures to keep everyone safe. and we'll tell you how some people are cashing in on the pope's visit. >> reporter: >> pope bobbleheads. you know it's big when you get a bobblehead. how would you react if you saw a child acting out of control in a public place? we're putting people to the test in our hidden cameras with a special rossen report. a miral baby born 17 years premature at sea. the dramatic and successful effort to save his life. >> we'll have those stories and much more when we get started on a pretty busy saturday morning right here on "today." back to you in d.c. >> thanks, guys. how do you tell a baby from a bao bao? >> you'll have to ask the national zoo. bei bei. it means precious treasure.
6:50 am
isn't he? bao bao, his 2-year-old sister means roughly the same thing, bei bei weighs three pounds, ten times what he weed when he was born in august. >> bao bao can have nothing to herself. she has the same initials as her little brother. >> yes. >> means the same thing. >> i know. they're so cute. bei bei and bao bao. i love it. >> they are cute. probably not the best day to head out to see bei bei and bao bao. >> not good. >> not going to be as bad as tomorrow? >> it won't be real sunny. a lot of clouds around but not much rain. the metro area will stay dry, depends on where you live, 30, 40 miles south of washington. there's a live view of the storm team 4 radar. we can see the rain is not moving. it's obeying and staying away from us. >> good. >> we'll probably stay to our south throughout much of the rest of the day. however, itç might creep farth
6:51 am
north by the time we get into this evening. between now and then, this area in green is light rain. southern fauquier county, light rain as well, southern maryland, st. marry's couldny's county. low 60s fairfax, mid-60s prince george's, mid-60s in washington, mid to upper 60s around the bay. shenandoah valley in the mountains, generally in the 50s through the morning hours. we have a lot of clouds around and a little bit of a breeze coming out of the north and east. they may pick up a little bit gusting around 20 miles an hour today. staying cloudy. there's union station, staying cloudy there, showing a lot of clouds at dawn, sunrise is at 7:00 this morning. mid-60s by 9:00. by noontime, upper 60s. low 70s and, again, any rain looks to be south of the metro
6:52 am
area during the rest of the afternoon. so for all these outdoor events today, including high school and college football games around the metro area, should stay dry. just a cloudy sky but a few of those sprinkles and light rain showers south of the metro area during the afternoon, we'll be in the 60s there. cloudy, it will be in the low 70s by midafternoon. if you're dining out tonight, a chance of a few sprinkles but not until late this evening. we'll be in the 60s through the evening hours and then early tomorrow morning. landmark music festival going on on the national mall, west potomac park. that is today and again tomorrow. they have five stages set up there. they are keeping a weary eye on the sky. just cloudy there for the concerts and for the music festival saturday and sunday. just a slight chance maybe of a sprinkle. maybe on sunday morning and again this evening, late evening, highs, low 70s, both of those days. we get back to work and school on monday. a lot of clouds are on monday, too, still a possibility of a
6:53 am
passing shower. highs in the mid-70s. a much smaller chance on tuesday with highs around ç80. sunshine returns. partly sunny each day, wednesday, thursday, friday, highs in the 70s. maybe a passing shower on thursday. that's the way it looks. >> here are the four things you need to know at 6:53. montgomery county, police investigating the deadly hit and run in clarksburg. witnesses say they saw the picture and driver arguing moments before this happened. pope francis is expected to arrive in philadelphia around 9:30 this morning. for the last two days of his u.s. trip. he'll celebrate mass at 10:30 and visit independence hall and the festival of families. families in mcclain, virginia are going to protest a new gun shop opening near an elementary school. a demonstration expected to start at 11:00 this morning. tom touched on this, the inaugural landmark music festival kicks off today. drake is set to perform tonight.
6:54 am
a lot of people excited about that. when the pope leaves the when the pope leaves the u.s., he's l
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good morning. the pope heads to philly. pope francis off to the city of of brotherly love this morning after thrilling the faithful at the new york city mass. >> don't forget to pray for me. >> more than 1 million people expected to come see the rock star pope this weekend. massive security in place. the city in total lockdown as it prepares for the biggest crowds ever. we are live with it all. who's next? battle for the house leadership shaping up this morning a day after a shocker and house majority leader john boehner announcing he decided to step down the day he met the pope. >> i decided i will do this. >> who will


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